Why Choose Us?

Our Goal:  To bring your vision into reality on time AND within budget.

Our Mission

ND Films is dedicated to providing individuals and businesses a unique opportunity to tell their stories in the most incredible way possible! 


Our belief at ND Films is that clients don’t  invest in products or services; they invest in the people behind those products.   We live to earn and keep your trust. Regardless of your film/video needs, we strive to get the message across that highlights the project, your passions, & beliefs.


ND Films has captured the attention of clients in Dallas and Los Angeles with our unique approach to online video and cinematic video productions.  We are capable of traveling nationwide for video production, but our target markets are Dallas and LA.

Project Development – Our creative team is able to assist or fully manage  your project  by outlining key points, building storyboards, writing scripts, piecing together presentations, supporting your web or intra-corporate communication, etc.

Pre-Production – We will efficiently outline a plan of action to produce and meet production deadlines.

Production – We will green-light your project and provide the required equipment, experienced grip/lighting arrangements, and knowledgeable camera placement and blocking,

Post Production – Our post production department is fully equipped to increase the value of your project through experienced editing, graphic design, motion graphics, 3D animation, sound design, sound enhancement, color grading, DVD/Blu-Ray authoring, etc.

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