Sound Mixer

Sound Supervisor & Sound Mixer

My name is Brian Galyean,  I would like to record sound for your project. My sound kits includes a Sound Devices 664 Mixer/Recorder and Mix Pre 6, Wisycom and Lectrosonics Wireless with DPA and COS-11d lavs, other recorders for smaller scale jobs and vehicle kits, Sanken and Sennheiser shotgun mics as well as Time Code Slate and lock-it boxes.  IFB Listeners for producers.  I can provide everything you need to capture the highest quality sound possible for any project. Please see my IMDb page. I have worked on large budget productions like Paramount Pictures feature Nina, starring Zoe Saldana and Mike Epps, to smaller local Indies like Doo-Dah Man starring Glenn Morshower.  I have mixed 18 feature films in the last 6 years, and numerous documentaries, TV shows, interviews and commercials. Some of my most recent Television experiences have been for the CBS Magnum PI Series, Netflix series Dirty Money, GQ, Food Network, Discovery Channel and Showtime.  Fast paced days are not an issue and I work well under stress. I do love to have fun on set but at the same time stay professional and courteous.  Please let me know if you have any questions I can answer. I am a dependable crew member who will make long days on set seem shorter.  I have a great sense of humor and love animals.  My mom says people really like me.


Everyone wants the best deal they can get and everything is negotiable within reason. I will match any legitimate quote from any qualified mixer with the same gear for the same job.

Please reach out to me for availability:

Cell (214) 864-7415 or

Travel Arrangements: I have a valid U.S. Passport and available to travel. For assignments requiring air travel the client is to supply one round-trip economy airfare to the airport closest to the destination and ground transportation while in the destination. 

I have a clean driving record and can/will drive if requested. Travel documentation and visas are to be arranged by the client.

Per Diem: $50/day for out of town and travel days, payable in cash. 

Overtime: @ 1.5x past booked working hours

Overtime applies after contracted hours have been exceeded + 1 hours.

Working hours are from Call to Release (or Scheduled Release whichever is greater) Mileage: in my vehicle is 65.5 cents per mile point A to point B and all mileage traveled during production outside the working zone.

Travel Days within North America: are charged as a Day unless travel exceeds 10 hours (from call at airport which may be as much as 3 hours prior to scheduled flight to deal with Customs issues). Outside of North America all travel days are full days.

• A travel day where work is to be performed will be charged at a Full-Day rate regardless of day length. Overtime applies after 10+1 hours.

Accommodations: For assignments necessitating an overnight stay the client will supply a standard 3-star or better hotel room close to the shoot location. All out-of-town days are full days regardless of day length. Overtime applies after 10+1 hours.



  • $750/ 8 Hour Day
  • $850/ 10 Hour Day
  • $1000/ 12 Hour Day


  • Labor = Contracted day rate.
  • 50% daily rate for gear rental
  • Per Diem at negotiated rate
  • Mileage at prevailing IRS allowance (65.5 cents per mile for 2022)
  • All travel related expenses (air, hotel, parking, vehicle rental, etc) paid by production
  • Cancellations within 24 hours or less will pay 100% of full day rate.


  • Boom Operator  – $500/10
  • A-2 Assistant – $500/10


(Suitable for ENG, EPK, Corp interview, Documentary, Reality etc.)

  • 1- Sound Devices 664 or Mixpre 6 and 6ii Recorder/Mixer
  • 1- Boom mic kit  – Sanken or Sennheiser
  • 1- 25′, 2 ch breakaway cable with XLR camera inputs
  • 2 – SM Lectrosonic/Wisycom wireless systems
  • 1- boom pole with holder for c-stand

COMMERCIAL AUDIO PACKAGE – (negotiable based on needs of production)

(Suitable for Commercial Audio, Film, or Television Production)

  • Cart Based mixing/recording station – Sound Devices 664, (5) wireless lav Tx/Rx with expendables and accessories 
  • Boom mic kit  – Sanken or Sennheiser (Boom Operator setup available – Cabled or Wireless)
  • Listen Technologies transmitter and up to 8 receivers for production listening 
  • Time Code and smart slate support with Lock-it boxes for (2) cameras
  • Expendables and batteries for one day. ($25)

ADDITIONAL GEAR – A la’ Carte – per day, per ea

Listeners  – $40 for the Transmitter, $20 each for Receivers thereafter. (8 on hand)

Wireless audio to camera (hop) – $65/ea

Wireless lav kit (per day) -$ – (Includes Tx, Rx, lav mic, cables, and related accessories)

Digital Time Code Slate -Denecke TS-3 – $50

Time Code Lock-it – $50/ea (4 avail)

PA Speakers with mic – $150


Standard Playback System – $200

*** Package rental rate does not include the additional manpower that may be required with this equipment***

  • Laptop Computer – (Client provides all music in standard format)
  • Two (2) powered 15″ speakers.
  • Each with stands, 100′ XLR cable, and 100′ ac power extension cords. – (Client provides electricity)
  • Portable sub-mixer, related cabling, and related minor accessories.


  • ALL invoices are net due upon receipt unless otherwise negotiated.
  • New clients may be required to pay an advance deposit, pay COD, and/or provide credit references.
  • Accepted payment terms are cash, credit card, check, or approved payroll service.
  • Client to provide approved insurance and documents naming Brian Galyean as additional insured.
  • Client assumes all responsibility for loss, damage, along with repair or replacement of same of any rented item(s) or gear packages for the term of the shoot.