Aria Film hits Hollywood

Aria Film hits Hollywood

NDpendent Films makes splash at the 168 Film Festival!

This past year was a great for ND Films.  5 of our team members, Brian Galyean, Christine Galyean, Nathan, D'lytha & Aurora Myers were involved in the 168 Short Film competition.  What we quickly learned is that each team member must wear many hats when making a film for the 168.  

  • Brian helped write, produce and directed this great little film titled "A Bedtime Story"  He was in Hollywood for 2 months in total while getting everything put together. He colaborated with two other production companies,  Blackburn Films and Ferrettless Films on the project.
  • Christine Galyean was MUH and cast as the daughter/princess.  Visit:
  • Nathan Myers was the Art Director, Props master and was cast as the Father/Dragoon.  
  • D'lytha Myers was in charge of MUH, wardrobe and was cast as the Mother/Evil Queen.  
  • Their 6 month old daughter Aurora Jane made her film debut and was a huge success.
  • Nathan and D'Lytha also wrote and composed the "Flippity Falls" song in the film. You can visit D'Lytha's website here: D' and Nathan's website here:

The 168 is a Faith Based festival where each team is givin a Bible verse and then has 168 hours to film, edit, color correct, compose and turn in a completed film.  There were over 200 teams this year.  It was our team's first year making a movie for the 168.  Brian was introduced to the festival two years ago when his daughter Christine auditioned and was cast in the 168 by Susan Shearer from I'm not a Turkey Productions.  

A Bedtime Story was chosen as an "Official Selection" to the festival, with over 200 films being submitted and only 79 being chosen it was a great honor.   The team got great feedback and as a result has even been in talks about turning the concept into a childrens TV show.  

You can watch the full short film below:

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  1. Alyce Hendrickson

    What inventive minds. I loved it!!!

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