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Driven, Knowledgable and Affordable:

NDpendent Films is a full service, multi-faceted production company representing an outstanding group of film makers. We help develop your concept from script to screen, AND we are dedicated to help you avoid the usual budget 'cringe.'


Don’t just have ANY video. Present a video that tells your clients that quality is essential to your brand. You can stand out from the clutter of online videos with a unique and cinematic message.


It’s no secret that video gets people to spend more time on your website, and it helps you get found in the search engines.  In just 2-3 minute, you can tell your visitors everything they need to know if the most engaging way possible.


As a full service production company we specialize in video production for small businesses, firms, agencies, and corporate identities on the rise. We are fully equipped with the technology to light, shoot, edit and deliver your next project.


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