Christian Movie Production in Dallas

Why Dallas is the Next Faith Based Movie Making Hub.


ND Pendent Films 168 Film Festival short for 2013



Dallas (North Texas) has long tried to capture the eye of mainstream Hollywood, luring a TV shows and movies — from RoboCop, The Good Guys, Chase and Prison Break to the new-generation Dallas and MTV’s upcoming reality show Big Tips Texas — to shoot in the region. But it’s in the subgenre of faith-based and family films that Dallas and Fort Worth may be poised to make their biggest mark in the movie business yet.

With Echo Light Studios now in Dallas, and many Dallas area churches like The Potters House now producing their own movies and hosting the newly minted Faith and Family Film Festival, North Texas is poised to become a hub of Faith Based movies and short films, almost like Hollywood is in California.  Texas also has a great incentive program to help bring movie makers to Texas.

With so many talented film makers who are also Believers, it is only a matter of time before Dallas becomes the place to be for Faith Based Film.


Why Choose NDPendent Films For  Your Project?


NDPendents Films is made up of talented movie professionals who also happen to be Christian.  We want to honor the Lord in everything we do.  We not only want to reach out to other Christians, but we want to make films that reach out to the non-believer and make them think. We are humble but confident in what we can accomplish with the help of the Lord.  Please contact us about your next project.  Big or Small we can bring it to life on the silver screen.  Please contact us at by clicking here or call 214-864-7415.


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